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PingCo recently partnered with New Zealand telecommunications provider Telesmart to develop an Operator Connect offering. PingCo’s TCAP platform provides both automation and a customer friendly experience.   

  • Telesmart has used TCAP to develop an Operator Connect offering. 
  • The new capability will allow Telesmart to compete in the Microsoft voice marketplace. 
  • Telesmart went to market with Operator Connect within two months of contract execution. 
  • The partnership has strengthened PingCo’s credibility as a Microsoft voice enablement service. 
  • The partnership has strengthened Telesmarts’ Microsoft Teams calling practice

Under the partnership,
Telesmart is listed as a Microsoft-certified carrier within Operator Connect.
Telesmart was the second New Zealand based operator to be approved by Microsoft for Operator Connect.

“Microsoft has essentially created a two-tier voice market: the carriers that can provide Operator Connect, and the carriers that can’t. Our partnership with PingCo has enabled us to move up into the first tier, which gives us a significant competitive advantage”

Customers can choose Telesmart as their carrier and complete Teams Phone provisioning in less than 15 minutes with Telesmart. 

“One of the key benefits of moving forward with TCAP has been the level of buyer enablement it provides,” said Robinson. “The platform is fully automated, so we’ve seen instances of customers completing the entire onboarding process without any sales or support interactions. The result is a seamless Teams Phone experience that substantially improves outcomes for all stakeholders.” 

Telesmart used TCAP’s automation to expedite its go-to-market time, enabling the company to transact with customers less than two months after contract execution. Manually developing an Operator Connect offering can cost up to AU$1 million and typically takes six to 12 months.  

“It’s confidence-inspiring to deliver a transformational experience for carriers that can’t afford the opportunity cost associated with manual development. TCAP delivers the agility that providers need to take advantage of market shifts.

The partnership has solidified PingCo’s reputation as a reliable partner for prospective Operator Connect providers. Over the next six to 12 months, the company will focus on delivering further value for carriers through additional features. 

“Our product roadmap is strongly focused on the Microsoft ecosystem,” said Coleman. “Our partners can expect to benefit from additions such as Azure Communications Services, and Teams Phone Mobile.  

“End user ecosystems will also be a focus for our development team, which include products and services such as hardware, call recording, call analytics, contact centre platforms, and CRM integration. These will be purchasable within TCAP, so customers will be able to acquire them from partners such as Telesmart.”   

The upcoming products and services are expected to further expand Telesmart’s foothold in the Operator Connect market. 

“TCAP has enabled Telesmart to access an entirely new customer segment,” said Coleman. “We are deeply excited to follow their progress as they capitalise on that opportunity over the coming months.” 

About Pingco

PingCo is a leading telco as a service (TaaS) company that uses cloud-based software solutions to help companies communicate more efficiently.
Its software portfolio is spearheaded by TCAP, a communications automation platform that streamlines telecommunications setup and management for carriers, wholesalers, and end users.  To find out more, visit: 

Telesmart Press Release | TCAP

About Telesmart

Telesmart is a telecommunications provider that empowers organisations to operate and communicate more easily. With presence in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch and Victoria, Australia, its offerings span managed services, connectivity, security, and cloud services. In 2018, Telesmart expanded its trans-Tasman infrastructure to deliver nationwide coverage to both Australia and New Zealand. To find out more, visit:       

Telesmart Press Release | TCAP