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Transform your Microsoft voice offering with a fully managed, fully configurable SBC as a service.

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Simplify SIP trunk creation and management.

We built TCAP so SIs and MSPs could build Microsoft voice offerings without engineers.

But creating and managing SIP trunks still needed a level of technical expertise.

So we gave our partners the ability to automate the whole process while still retaining control.

A next-generation SBC as a service (SBCaaS) designed to make taking a voice offering to market faster and simpler than ever.


Explore TCAP’s rich suite of SBCaaS features.

The next generation of SBCaaS.

Global SBC Coverage

Provision anywhere Azure is. TCAP covers 140 countries, delivering a truly global SBC service.

Zero-code Configuration

No engineers. No long development cycles. No CapEx. Configuration via TCAP’s GUI portal means you can create and manage trunks without a single line of code.

Fully Managed Service

TCAP manages everything from uptime to configuration rate management – but you can still use the TCAP interface to make configuration changes in a non-destructive manner.

Single Number Portal

Manage all your numbers in a single portal that seamlessly integrates with Teams Calling.

Legacy PBX Integration

Enable VoIP gateways for legacy infrastructure with in-built PBX integration profiles for 3CX, Genesys and A365.

Automated Billing Integration

Automatically integrate SBC billing with common accounting platforms

SBC-agnostic Service

Use SBCs from any major vendor with a fully agnostic service.

Supported Customisation

TCAP supports full SBC customisation, simplifying tasks like removing SIP route headers and suppressing early media.

Per-channel Billing

You’ll only ever pay for what you use with per-SIP channel billing.

Included Channel Licensing

Go live as quickly as possible with included SBC and SIP channel licencing.

Why choose Us

Why MSPs Choose TCAP


Other SBCaaS providers

Diverse Carriage

With competitive carriage rates across Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom, TCAP means you can go with a carriage provider that matches your needs.

Many SBCaaS providers expect you to bring your own carriage – or, worse, corner you with just one provider choice. 

Provisioning Ease

Leverage TCAP’s GUI-based interface to create a fully functional SIP trunk in 10 minutes (and skip asking your upstream SIP provider to do it for you).

The ability to self-provision SIP trunks is absent – and, if SBC access is provided, your team will have to manually create each trunk.


Use TCAP to provision Microsoft voice in more than 140 countries and transform your business into a truly global service.

Most SBC providers limit geographic reach to their operating regions, preventing your organisation from scaling.


TCAP’s fully managed service covers everything from uptime and network connectivity to backup and configuration rate management.

Need to configure your SBC?  Make changes through the TCAP interface in a controlled, non-destructive environment.

Full access to an SBC without TCAP normally means moving from full management to full self-service – not ideal if you’re running an engineer-light team.

When upstream carriers do offer full management, they often replace self-configuration with time-consuming ticketing systems.

Working with SBCs has never been simpler.

Experience the next generation of SBCaaS with a personalised TCAP trial.