The Future of Telco
Starts With TCAP

100% automated. 100% simple. TCAP makes telecommunication faster, easier, and more scalable. 


TCAP is a SaaS based platform that can be deployed in minutes. We will setup a custom domain and white labelling for your partner and customer facing portal.

Set Up

Within a few days integrate TCAP with your existing OSS / BSS systems using our zero-code triggers, carrier SIP trunks, and our tri-tiered billing engine for Carriers, Partners and Customers.


Onboard end users through TCAP’s automated, zero-touch platform.

Why Telcos and MSPs Use TCAP

Eight core functions, tri-tiered billing, and holistic integration make TCAP the easiest way to add Teams Calling to your offerings.


DID Management

TCAP handles every aspect of number management, making it easier for you to request, assign and monitor numbers.

TCAP supports the management of international carriers and multiple carrier side SIP trunks making international DID management simple.
Load local and international DIDs so customers assign them to individual users, Auto Attendants and Hunt Groups. Allow customers to upload number port requests, assign temporary numebrs & automate the processing of them.

API & Triggers

TCAP’s extensive API means you can seamlessly integrate it with your BSS/OSS systems. You can even develop custom applications to elevate the platform’s standard capabilities.
With more than 150 webhook and email triggers allowing a seamless “If This Then That” zero code integration to get you running NOW.


Simplify billing with TCAP’s tri-tiered system for wholesalers, partners and customers.
TCAP generates just one bill for all your customers and telco services. Use TCAP’s billing engine for non-telco products and services by taking advantage of ERP integrations for systems like Xero and MYOB.

White-label Portal

TCAP permits multiple levels of white-labelling, making it the ideal way to sell, provision and manage telco products.
Create a differentiated experience for customers, resellers and wholesalers. Process and manage their orders automatically and deliver calling services with no human intervention.


TCAP pools and generates CDR records from multiple carriers, enabling detailed reports to be automatically generated.
TCAP mediates CDR information from SBC’s and the customer’s Teams tenancy for increased accuracy and fewer invoicing disputes. Calling plan inclusions and exclusions are automatically accounted for.

Scalable Architecture

TCAP is built on Azure and can also run on other cloud platforms or bare metal server infrastructure. The platform is live in 16 regions making it the first fully global Telco as a Service offering.
TCAP’s architecture is scalable and capable of handling over 1Million new provisioning requests every hour. This scalable architecture also allows for integration into other Telco service offerings bringing its rich automation capability to any product offering.

Security & Compliance

Your data is Encrypted at rest. TCAP’s stringent security protocols mean your data – and your customers’ – is always safe, private, and governed by you.
TCAP is certified as compliant with international protcols like SOC 2 and ISO 27001:2013. Export or delete your data using TCAP’s Swagger-based API.


TCAP was originally built for Microsoft Teams Calling. Now, it’s evolved to become an all-in-one way to orchestrate your telco products and services.
Activate users on Operator Connect in less than a minute, and less than 15 using Direct Routing solutions. Add SIP trunks with SBC as a Service and using TCAP’s scalable architecture you can expand its capability to automate any other service based offerings you have to your customers and partners.

Call Termination

TCAP can connect with multiple carriage providers, delivering inbuilt carriage redundancy and scalability for your voice offering.
Bring your carriers of choice – mobile, landline, Least Cost Routing and MVNO’s – deliver a seamless experience for your multinational customers

Integration With Leading Systems

With TCAP’s API documented and defined in Swagger, creating fully integrated workflows has never been simpler.
TCAP is pre-integrated with MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks – new integrations can be built using the API-set for specific use-cases such as CRM, Service desk applications and region-specific credit checking facilities.
Platform | TCAP

The UI is built on our open API. This means that carriers can simulate and replicate all functions of TCAP into their own systems should they require it. The UI is white labelled and capable of being reproduced and customised on a per telco basis. No other platform has this capability.

The Database contains the data sets for the platform. Storing configuration, billing, and other required data. This database can be separated per country / telco and per customer if security and sovereignty requirements mandate this.

The SBC’s are the voice routing and call termination behind TCAP. We are vendor agnostic and will work with existing SBC infrastructure or allow you to leverage our cloud powered SBC’s.

The Engines of TCAP are the driving modules of orchestration into MS Teams, Office 365 and Operator Connect. The Engines also connect and utilise the Graph API. The power of the TCAP engines allow for further integration into other business systems and surfacing of other solutions to the TCAP platform. Our roadmap of features uses the power of the Engines module to allow for a rapid speed to market for new products or additional automation of existing offerings.

The API is the core foundation of TCAP. Everything is built within the API first. This is critical to our scalability and integration capability. The API is fully documented using Swagger.