PingCo Releases New TCAP Features With Version 3.33

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PingCo yesterday released Version 3.33 for its TCAP software, unveiling a suite of new features. The update focuses on improved functionality and partner features.

  • UC solutions provider PingCo released Version 3.33 for its TCAP software.
  • The update focused on quality of life and features for white-label partners.
  • Version 3.33 also includes the release of TCAP’s SBCaaS.
  • It comes after Versions 3.30 and 3.31 in May and June, which introduced key security and partner protocols.
  • The new features reflect a growing partner consumer group.
  • Rolling updated are scheduled for each month in 2022.

PingCo’s Version 3.33 update for TCAP enhances the platform’s existing white-label capabilities, providing company-level billing day management and registration page partner code acceptance. The new release also includes several quality-of-life updates, such as CSV imports, as well SIP trunk-supporting SIP registration and IP authentication.

“These new features have been implemented based on feedback from our customers, partners and operators,” said Daniel Pearson, the founder and chief executive officer of PingCo. “PingCo continues to excel and gain market share because we are, first and foremost, a customer-driven company.”

Bundled into Version 3.33 was the release of TCAP’s session border controller as a service (SBCaaS), which enables SIP trunk provisioning in less than 10 minutes through the platform’s GUI-based interface. Comparable provisioning typically takes carriers two to three weeks to complete.

“Our SBCaaS is genuinely the first of its kind,” said Pearson. “Our partners, who are mostly operators, MSPs, and systems integrators, use TCAP because it gives them the ability to rapidly build Microsoft voice offerings without engineers. Until now, though, standalone SIP trunk provisioning has been a major technical roadblock for them. With provisioning available across the globe, we’re extremely excited to help our partners scale their businesses at a global level.”

The new features follow two updates in May and June, which saw major additions to the platform’s security and partner capabilities. Version 3.30 in May included improved branding for partner portals, company-specific billing dates for partners, and multi-factor authentication at a company-wide or individual user level. June’s Version 3.31 update focused on password security, with the subsequent 3.32 update moving provisioning from PowerShell to the Graph API.

“Our refined billing process, in particular, is a huge win for carriers,” said Sean Agius, the chief technology officer of PingCo. “With significant increases in the number of data and users that can be handled at any one time, we’re seeing our carrier customers complete those billing activities almost two hundred times faster on average.

“We also believe that those improved branding capabilities – which include custom login pages, custom images, and fully custom colours – will help our white-label partners create a more seamless user experience that leads to better QoL and customer stickiness.”

Versions 3.31, 3.32 and 3.33 are all designed to support to the company’s growing partner user base, which has increased more than 60% since November last year. Managed service providers and system integrators can white-label TCAP to create custom Microsoft voice offerings that provide recurring revenue opportunities.

Version 3.34, which is scheduled for rollout in October 2022, will feature a comprehensive overhaul of TCAP’s service provisioning functions. The update is also expected to include additional improvements for partners with features like selective sync and Operator Connect Mobile provisioning.

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