PingCo Overhauls TCAP With Version 3.34

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Dan Pearson

PingCo has released Version 3.34 of UC software TCAP, which reorients the platform’s service provisioning function around newly introduced service profiles.

  • The update was released on 5 October 2022.
  • The largest change is the introduction of the service profiles feature.
  • Other changes include selective syncing, automatic approval codes, and quality-of-life updates for partners.

The company’s latest iteration of TCAP includes multiple new UI and API features, including an overhaul of the platform’s service provisioning function. Version 3.34 introduced the concept of service profiles, which provide parameters for the creation of specific services such as Operator Connect and direct routing.

“Service Profiles have allowed us to re-design the implementation of services against a company. Whilst our initial public release includes Direct Routing, Operator Connect and SBC as a Service there are many more service profiles in the design and development phases including Teams Phone Mobile, Call Recording and Azure Communication services to name a few. We expect these to be released in early Q1 2023,” said Daniel Pearson, the chief executive officer of PingCo.

TCAP’s revised services dashboard now supports multiple services, including SBC as a service. Previously, the platform only supported Operator Connect or direct routing.

The change was accompanied by the introduction of selective synchronisation, a feature designed to help large organisations choose teams to be synced into TCAP. Synchronisations can be based on Azure AD groups, country locations, or both Azure AD groups and country locations.

“We introduced selective sync in response to the average market position of TCAP users, which is gradually moving upstream,” said Pearson. “Many of our new users – enterprise-level organisations and government bodies – have needs that SMB and SOHO users don’t necessarily have, so we’re working with those users to find solutions while still balancing the ease of use that mid-market and downstream organisations love.”  

Version 3.34 also saw the introduction of automatic approval codes. Customers who undertake free trials of TCAP through PingCo partners are now automatically approved, streamlining their onboarding process and significantly reducing administrative burden for partners.

Partners can now also add custom terms and conditions to TCAP. The change is in line with the suite of security and compliance improvements PingCo introduced during Version 3.3 earlier in 2022.

“Managed service providers and systems integrators continue to form the bulk of our industry partnerships,” said Sean Agius, the chief technology officer of PingCo. “As such, future updates and feature additions will continue to have a strong focus on improved partner quality of life – TCAP is designed to be a high-value, low-touch offering that improves customer stickiness for our partners, so we really want to help them lean into that.”

Version 3.35 is scheduled for rollout in November 2022. The update is expected to deliver a number of improvements and changes to how numbers are handled within the platform’s Swagger-based API.

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