OCA for Carriers

Accelerate your Operator Connect service

Develop, test, and go live with your Operator Connect offering in 2 weeks!

Use TCAP for Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

It's the fastest way to enable carrier services in the Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams Admin Portal

Accelerate Operator Connect

TCAP allows Carriers to integrate their systems with the Operator Connect APIs, allowing customers to seamlessly add PSTN calling to Teams. 

Integration to OSS/BSS systems traditionally requires an API bridge, custom software development, and weeks of testing. With TCAP, this is all done through our automation platform and zero code integration. 

We allow you to be in market within just a couple of weeks utilising TCAP as an end-to-end SaaS platform or leveraging your existing infrastructure and network. 

Accelerate Operator Connect

Ready to experience a turnkey solution for Operator Connect

Enable your customers to seamlessly self-provision a calling experience in Microsoft Teams

TCAP + OCA Helps Carriers Do More

Shorter Timeframes

Develop, test, and starting selling your Operator Connect offering in a little as two weeks. Your customers and partners can activate and make calls in less than 10 minutes.


TCAP is consumption-based with no capital expense required. As your customer base grows, TCAP grows with you. Customers requiring CAPEX, we have options for you too.

Included Validation

Our pre-built validation and testing ensures that you are compliant with all of the Microsoft API requirements. TCAP validates the health status of all services every 30 seconds.

Operator Connect Automation

Enabling Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams is what we do

Based on TCAP

The Operator Connect Accelerator (OCA) makes providing an Operator Connect offering easy.

In partnership with Microsoft, carriers can use TCAP’s automated functions to expedite the development, validation, and certification of their offering.

Get Operator Connect With TCAP 

How It Works


Use TCAP to automate OSS/BSS integration with the Operator Connect API, streamlining the development of your Operator Connect offering.


We’ll validate your integrations by automatically checking your offering against the Operator Connect portal’s verification gates.


Once your offering has been developed and tested, we’re authorised by Microsoft to certify you as an Operator Connect provider – allowing you to start selling to partners and end customers.

What Microsoft Says About OCA with TCAP

“We are really impressed by PingCo and the TCAP platform. They have been able to move very quickly and onboard providers in a such a short period. It is an impressive platform that enables operators to be in market quickly and delivering the customer experience Operator Connect was designed for.”

Taimoor Hussain – Microsoft

The Opportunity

Get Validated, Fast

Getting your Operator Connect offering validated involves testing different platform gates. 

These range from functions as simple creating a new customer and buying a number to more complex operations like retrieving CDRs from within customer tenancies.

Previously, testing packages ranging from US$20,000–$50,000 were required for full offering validating – and both options required a service provider to develop custom code and stand up complex infrastructure.

Through OCA, validation is automated, and can be finalised in as little as two weeks, making your go-to-market simpler, faster, and more affordable than ever before.

The Opportunity

Access the OC White Space

The time and expenditure needed to take an Operator Connect offering to market used to be prohibitive.

Only the largest carriers could afford to invest in this space, which is why almost 70% of the Teams Calling market is still unclaimed white space.

Through TCAP, that market has become obtainable. 

Carriers can quickly go live with offerings that are financially viable for companies of all sizes – and the ones that succeed will be the ones that get there first. 

It is important to understand the customer journey. TCAP puts customers in control of their service activation, provisioning and ongoing management. The can be making calls in minutes. 

Accelerate Your Operator Connect Offering