Better Value, More Customers, Growing Demand

Meet the Growing Demand for VoIP Services with a High-Margin Offering.

Tap into the forecasted $102.5b VoIP market demand by capturing Microsoft Teams Calling with Operator Connect or direct routing, faster and before your competitors do.

TCAP for Managed Service Providers and System Integrators

Future-proof your offerings with fully automated Microsoft voice and use TCAP’s added value to increase existing revenue flows.

Full Automation

TCAP’s fully automated platform means deploying and maintaining Teams is faster, easier, and less expensive for managed service provider.

Seamless Integration

TCAP uses no-code triggers for accelerating existing workflows – and a Swagger-based API for more complex integrations.

More Revenue

With zero-touch 15-minute setup and value-adds like individual white-label portals for customers and partners, TCAP can easily be added to your existing service offerings, increasing your stickiness, customer satisfaction and annuity revenue.


Reduce Expensive Internal Processes With Automation & Triggers

Manually adding a voice offering to your business means a high upfront investment and significant ongoing costs.

TCAP uses automated processes, optional user self-management, and over 150 pre-built triggers to accelerate workflows and reduce operational expenditure.

Integrate With Any SIP- or SIP TLS-supporting Platform

Every customer has unique requirements that need specialised solutions.

TCAP uses SIP trunking to integrate with platforms that support SIP or SIP TLS, enabling customers to use Microsoft voice with their existing telephony infrastructure.

For cloud-based services like Genesys BYOCC, you can even use TCAP’s pre-built trunk configurations to expedite your time to market.



Add Value to Existing Accounts

Increasing revenue doesn’t have to involve acquiring new businesses or outlaying capital.

By adding TCAP as an offering for your existing customers, you can easily boost annuity revenue without lengthy setup processes or costly investments.

Meet Growing Demand With a High-margin Offering

The global VoIP services market is forecast to reach $102.5 billion by 2026, so it makes sense to capture the Teams Calling market with Operator Connect or direct routing before your competitors do.

Establish yourself as an industry leader with a high-margin offering that positions you for the future.

Competitive Advantage

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