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How to onboard as a Carrier/Telco to Operator Connect | TCAPHow to onboard as a Carrier/Telco to Operator Connect | TCAP

How to onboard as a Carrier/Telco to Operator Connect

This is part 1 of TCAP’s 5-part webinar. Join Jeff Coleman, Global Director of Wholesale as he walks you through the process of onboarding Carriers/Telco’s to Operator Connect.

Event Summary:

This PingCo webinar walks interested Operators through the BUY on-boarding journey and illustrates the ideal characteristics and deliverables that would support a rapid-ON product launch: Automation, compelling financials, zero-code integration and GTM support to be in-market within a month, transacting with new customers via the exposure to buying-ready customers seeking them out on Operator Connect. 

For operators, the path to automation boils down to “build or buy”: 

  • Build requires large budgets, a dynamic culture that supports a developer mentality, a clear vision of the required path for and finally – enough time post-development to get the solution to meet Microsoft’s testing regime and then hope the market still exists when the MVP is released. Future product evolution and differentiation will require funding from customer growth, which is challenging when competing with Operators who have chosen the BUY path. 
  • BUY delivers on multiple levels, but the one factor that magnifies the choice is time. BUY allows an almost immediate market entry with a 4th generation product – one with automation for Teams Calling, SIP Trunking, via both Wholesale and Retail partners, with support for international destinations, a strong BSS/OSS integration story that supports a curated on-boarding journey for Enterprise and facilitates Self-Service for SMB. 

“Operator Connect” within Microsoft Teams is for customers to have a choice of potential Telecom Operators to choose from when looking to add PSTN calling to Teams. Operator Connect allows a seamless, fast and simple path for customers to select a calling plan suitable for their users, choose to add a new number (or port an existing one) to each user and go live within minutes – to achieve this feat, an automated customer journey is required. Unfortunately for the large global Teams user-base, there are few such operators who support this degree of automation.

This webinar is suitable for: Product managers, Telco employees, IT employees – Anyone interested in deploying Teams Calling. 

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15 06 22


9:00 am - 9:30 am


  • Jeff Coleman
    Jeff Coleman
    Global Director of Wholesale

    With over 25 years’ experience in senior sales roles in Telecommunications and Software as a Service (SaaS), Jeff brings exceptional market experience and connections from across the globe. Jeff couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work with PingCo in the SaaS space, in what Jeff sees as the next big industry capability of commending a multi-billion-dollar stake in the telecommunications industry.