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How to profitably service the SME market with Teams Calling | TCAPHow to profitably service the SME market with Teams Calling | TCAP

How to profitably service the SME market with Teams Calling

This is part 2 of TCAP’s 5-part webinar. Join Jeff Coleman, Global Director of Wholesale as he shares how to profitably service the SME market with Teams Calling.

Event Summary:

Microsoft Teams is experiencing huge uptake as the collaboration platform of choice, the growth in Monthly Active Users (MAU’s) surpasses all other platforms by an order of magnitude (Gartner 2021 UCaaS Magic Quadrant – comments section). Microsoft’s research indicates that 70% of the ‘whitespace’ for Teams Calling is in the SMB market sector, but this market sector struggles to have Operators engage with them to provide Teams Calling because of the sector’s resistance to paying large Professional Services fees for such implementations. This means there is significant pent-up demand within SMB for Teams Calling, but fulfilment is limited by Operator processes. 

These fees are often unavoidable when Operators use manual processes to provision, activate and deliver Teams Calling services – consulting, design, delivery, deploy. These services normally include SBC procurement & configuration, Powershell scripting design and delivery, number procurement, calling plan design, Auto Attendant and can take a minimum of many hours, likely several days to design, run, check and document – and the fees associated with this engagement move it out of reach of the SMB sector. 

Automation is the key to driving costs down to a level that SMB will wear – automation provides the speed of delivery (5-10 minutes), the repeatability and the profitability. Self-service allows customers to move at their own speed, with self-service a massive boon for customer experience and speed to market. Join us on this webinar to explore how PingCo’s TCAP offering solves for exactly these scenarios, allowing Operators to maintain – or increase – profitability when capturing the pent-up demand with SMB for Teams Calling. 

This webinar is suitable for: Product managers, Telco employees, IT employees – Anyone interested in deploying Teams Calling. 

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22 06 22


9:00 am - 9:30 am


  • Jeff Coleman
    Jeff Coleman
    Global Director of Wholesale

    With over 25 years’ experience in senior sales roles in Telecommunications and Software as a Service (SaaS), Jeff brings exceptional market experience and connections from across the globe. Jeff couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work with PingCo in the SaaS space, in what Jeff sees as the next big industry capability of commending a multi-billion-dollar stake in the telecommunications industry.