TCAP for Carriers

Drive Revenue.
Improve Retention.

TCAP simplifies expensive processes, making entry into Microsoft voice easier and more cost-effective.

Have an Existing Teams Calling Offering?

Manually deploying Operator Connect is time-consuming and expensive.

As a fully automated platform, TCAP eliminates costly manual processes, streamlining your deployment and maintenance cycles.

Not Selling Teams Calling to SMEs?​

Microsoft’s own research indicates 70% of the market is white space that’s currently underserved.

By creating a Microsoft voice offering for SMEs and SOHOs, you’ll be able to leverage a game-changing market opportunity.

Own a Mobile Network?

Integrate your network with TCAP to offer a true FMC experience for customers.

TCAP’s automated processes mean you can access Operator Connect and begin delivering FMC in less than a month.

Need more complex solutions?  TCAP’s direct routing options allow you to service the enterprise and multinational markets too.

TCAP for Carriers

With deployment of Teams Calling in under 15 minutes, TCAP automates onboarding and management processes – adding Microsoft voice to your business has never been simpler. 

Better Efficiency

Entering the Microsoft voice market is costly and complex. TCAP makes it simple, quick, and cost-effective.

Improved Cash Flow

Accelerate cash flow and increase profit margins by adding TCAP to deals.

FMC for Teams

Fixed mobile convergence with TCAP drives revenue, increases retention, and attracts new customers.

Why Telcos Use TCAP
for Microsoft Voice


Use Automation to Reduce Costs and Beat Barriers to Entry

Providing Microsoft voice the traditional way means intensive capital expenditure –connecting Teams to your OSS/BSSs, developing Powershell scripts to program customer configuration within Teams tenancies, acquiring a multi-tenant SBC platform to connect clients to the PSTN.

TCAP’s fully automated platform means the hard work is already done.  With seamless front-end integration, a Swagger-documented API, and an OpEx subscription model, it’s the best way for carriers to immediately enter the market with a Teams voice offering.

Leveraging TCAP also gives your technologists/engineers up to 80% more time – they can focus on presales activities and strategic customer conversations instead of expensive, regimented delivery cycles.

Operator Connect Mobile

Accelerated Processes Equal Better Cash Flow

Improve cash flow and increase margins by adding Teams Calling to each deal. 

Accelerate the quote-to-cash process with automation, and use TCAP’s cost efficiency to take advantage of previously out-of-reach opportunities.


FMC for Teams Means Better Value and Greater Stickiness

Fixed mobile convergence is a differentiator in the Microsoft voice space – especially for SMB and SOHO customers.

With full SIP trunking capabilities, TCAP can connect to your mobile network, making pairing Teams clients with mobile services more efficient.  

The result?  Added value for your users and increased customer retention.

Tcap Phone Automation