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Why Us?

Microsoft Voice Made Simple

There are 280 million monthly users of Teams.

Over 80 million are licenced for Teams Calling – and the majority haven’t adopted native calling from the Teams client.

That means there’s a massive market waiting to be served by telcos.

Unfortunately, the cost and time required to create infrastructure for either Operator Connect or direct routing are prohibitive for many carriers.

Entering the market takes an average of 18 months and capital expenditure of over $1 million – and, even then, cost inefficiency means the SMB and SOHO sectors are unlikely to be viable customers.

That’s why so many carriers and MSPs/Sis are making the shift to TCAP. 

TCAP automates the deployment of direct routed or Operator Connected Teams Calling, allowing customers to be automatically on-boarded and deployed in less than 15 minutes.

For carriers, the platform enables a Teams Calling offering to be market-ready in under a month, vastly reducing the barriers to entry.

TCAP is good for MSPs and Sis too – with zero-touch deployment and automated maintenance, it’s an easy way to add value and drive revenue.


From Seed to Swagger

The Teams Calling Automation Platform (TCAP) started in 2011, not as a fully fledged company, but as the brainchild of three telco professionals.

Daniel Pearson, Sean Agius, and Edmund Lau had founded cloud solution company PingCo with a vision to move Australian businesses into the future.

But, as ex-telco IT professionals, they saw the challenges organisations would face with voice calling platforms like Skype, so they began developing a solution.

By the time cloud calling hit mainstream markets, they had it ready: TCAP.

Starting as a way to automate Microsoft Teams Calling deployment for end users, TCAP quickly evolved into a mechanism for carriers and MSPs/SIs to sidestep the barriers of entering the Teams Calling market.

In 2022, with over [x] telcos, MSPs and Sis on board, it’s the best way for organisations around the world to drive revenue and futureproof their voice offerings.


Meet the people behind TCAP.

About | TCAP

Daniel Pearson


Daniel Pearson is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of PingCo

A pilot and award-winning entrepreneur, Daniels’s experience as a growth-focused business leader and IT expert spans 18 years. He founded PingCo in 2011 after managing ICOMM IT department as CIO, and has since developed PingCo into one of VIctoria’s top cloud solution companies. 

Outside of his executive duties, Daniel is a skilled aviator and mechanic, and loves spending time with his two daughters.

About | TCAP

Sean Agius


In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Sean Agius ideates and implements PingCo’s technical vision.

Leveraging 15 years of experience in IT, solutions architecture, and technical implementation, Sean is responsible for driving innovation across PingCo’s services range, and also oversees the company’s technical support teams.

Outside the office, Sean is a passionate Generation 2.5 racer.

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